Our approach is simple...



We ensure our planting designs provide the highest value for increasing biodiversity. Where possible, we protect existing plants and trees on site and our detailed specifications provide the maximum potential for healthy growth. We only use peat-free compost. Within our design studio we recycle, are energy conscious and compost our food waste. 



Our projects are designed with both the space and community in mind, to maximise human-nature interaction and a sense of place. When working on a community project, we ensure we work closely with clients to maximise their input. 



As our Hosta grows, we want our team to grow with it. Therefore we are committed to ongoing staff development and training. 



Whether our working environment for the day is in the office or out on-site, ensuring a safe place for staff, contractors and the public is our upmost priority.



We only choose products from suppliers that share our ethical standards. We aspire to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, sharing a joint vision of greening spaces for people and the environment. 



We ensure a fresh and innovative perspective is taken on each project to ensure our clients receive a nature-based solution of the highest value.