In urban areas today, four trees are lost for every one planted. Though the consequences of these disappearing trees may not be that obvious, they provide a whole host of benefits that you may have never heard. Here’s our top 10 facts;

1. A 30m tree can absorb 22.7kg of CO2 a year and can produce 2721kg of oxygen a year.

2. 1 oak tree can have more than 250+ different types of insect species living in it. What’s more, a dead tree has more things living in it than a live tree.

3. The average 50-year-old tree has provided £50,000 worth of services.

4. It costs 10 pence per pound to remove CO2 by improving auto emissions, and 1 pence per pound to remove it by planting trees.

5. The World’s most expensive tree is worth £12,350 - if we started to put a value on all trees, hopefully we’d be able to understand better the benefits.

6. Over 5,000 of the products we use everyday are made from trees.

7. Mature trees increase property value by 20%.

8. Trees teach us valuable lessons, in creativity, spirituality and fitness.

9. Patients with a view of trees & plants had shorter hospital stays with quicker recovery and used fewer painkillers.

10. Urban trees are 15 times more efficient in removing carbon dioxide than are forest trees.

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