After booking our tickets all the way back in October, the day finally came for team Hosta to take a trip down to London for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. The show is a key event in the horticultural calendar and is a fantastic place to collect inspiration and discover an amazing selection of plants - even more important this year due to the installation of our show garden at Tatton Park, which is fast approaching!

Orange and coppers were a prime feature of this year’s show, with many gardens featuring at least a splash of the colour. The Modern Slavery Garden featured a brilliant hot bed of Geums, Lupins, some lovely Verbascums and a few deep orange iris.  The garden won a Gold medal which was well deserved, due to a striking design and it’s clear message recognising that people kept in captivity and forced to work in the UK.


Wild gardens are also seeing and increasing trend as gardeners focus on not only creating wonderful spaces to occupy, but ones that attract an abundance of wildlife (we probably took too many photos of bees on flowers!). The combination of lush green grasses and ferns in the Cloudy Bay garden, inspired by the Marlborough wine region in New Zealand, 

is a case in point that you don’t alway need to rely on punchy flowers to create a good garden, and in some ways was an antithesis of the Modern Slavery Garden. The scheme works really well, especially coming alive as the grasses sway with the slightest breeze. The garden also contain a strong feature of red cedar framed jetty which is highly reminiscent of the Fushimi Inari Shrines of Kyoto in Japan, completing a garden which all of us could imagine enjoying a glass of wine in.


One garden designer that we were able to speak to presented us with some really valuable advice for our Tatton Park show garden. We also managed to spot Monty Don being filmed in one of the gardens!


Whilst at the show we wondered if perhaps the show had outgrown its location, as with previous years it was difficult to see all the garden without first working toward the front. In a way this limits the interaction that one can have with the gardens, which arguably is their sole intention. That being said, we all had a great day and were inspired by the gardens at RHS Chelsea Flower Show


See a short video of our trip on instagram @hostaconsulting


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