Yesterday evening it was announced that we are part of the Creative Class 2016!  

The event was hosted at The Nottingham Contemporary to celebrate creative and innovative businesses in the city. It was a fantastic evening, giving us the chance to hear so many inspirational stories from other businesses in the Creative Class and to learn how they have innovated and grown over the years. 

This is the fifth year of the event and we are delighted to be acknowledged as part of the Creative Class, as one of Nottinghamshire’s companies who are leading the way in terms of innovation and creativity. After a year of rapid growth, we are excited to make Nottingham proud in the months and years to come, by continuing to green our city and create jobs for local graduates. 

The ‘Creative Class’ was originally coined by Richard Florida, as a ‘socio-economic class’, that are the key driving force for economic development. Businesses that fall under this umbrella are said to create jobs in meaningful new forms, departing from traditional workplace attire, behaviour and hours of working. It is made up of many industries such as scientists, professors, designers and musicians who “create new ideas, new technology and/or creative content”. 

The prestigious event was supported by the Creative Quarter, Nottingham Means Business and Nottingham City Council.