Seasons Greetings! December is upon us and Christmas is almost here! Here's what we've been up to along with some of the latest industry news...


Report from World Health Organisation shows multitude of health benefits derived from urban green space

A new report has been published by the W.H.O. which summarises evidence of the benefits of urban green space for public health. Covering such factors as stress reduction, enhanced opportunities for physical activity and reduction in noise and air pollution, the report provides a toolkit for cities to measure existing, and identify new areas for green space.

The report concludes that urban areas need both large and small green spaces that are accessible to where people live and work, for relaxation and recreation.

Read the full report here.


RHS Event: Repairing the rift

This month team Hosta travelled down to London to listen to the 2016 RHS lecture ‘Urban Horticulture: Repairing the Rift’. Hosted yearly by The Royal Horticultural Society, The John McLeod lecture covers important themes and issues in horticulture, and this year was presented by Dr Ross Cameron.

He discussed the many benefits of green space for people, especially those living in urban and mostly ‘grey’ environments. Cameron discussed the need for landscape to fascinate us, stressing the importance of people connecting with nature, so that they do not forget their “basic ecological requirements”, using the metaphor ‘take a fish out of water, it dies…So, what happens to humans if we remove them completely from their natural habitats- i.e. green space?’.

Cameron urged members of the audience to use their horticultural skills to improve our surroundings, visually as well as on a functional level, saying, ‘‘Horticulture can combine ecological function with appealing, desirable landscape". As well as highlighting the ability of plants to provide ‘eco-therapy’ for mental health and can solve key issues faced in cities such as flooding and noise pollution.

An inspiring lecture, in a room filled with experts and practitioners from many different areas of the industry, it was fantastic to see the RHS place such an emphasis on urban horticulture at this year’s event.

Ultimately Dr Cameron raised the question, has our physiology kept up with our habitat changes? Should we carry on the path of grey buildings, or do we look back into our past, and use horticulture to fill in the missing greenery in our cities and urban landscape. 


Transformation continues at Manvers Court

After section one was completed last month, with the opening of our Tatton Park show garden, our landscaping team are still working hard to continue the improvements at Manvers Court in Sneinton. An abundance of grasses, wildflowers and seasonal plants, the space is now slowly being made into a great place for Nottingham City Homes’ residents to relax and enjoy. Previously a large car park surrounded by empty, un-biodiverse and underutilised grassy areas, we now like to think of the space as a parking garden.


Christmas at Hosta HQ

Only December 1st and we couldn’t wait any longer! Hosta HQ has gotten very festive, with mince pies, extra sparkly jumpers and some tasteful, and some not so tasteful Christmas decorations! And with our loose-leaf tea advent calendar from our neighbours Amala Living Foods we’re all set! So, feel free to stop by our office for a cup of tea and some Christmas cheer (and more than likely an upgrade to a mulled wine as we edge towards the end of the month!).