We made it to February! So we're celebrating the (slightly) lighter evenings, tulips, daffodils, and the knowledge that Spring isn't too far away! Here's what we've been up to... 


Hosta studies

2016 was not only a busy year for Hosta but also for two members of our team, who have been studying for their Masters qualifications. A year in, Helen is now half way through her EMBA at Nottingham Business School and is already implementing much of this knowledge into growth plans for the business. Duncan is also busy studying for his Masters in Horticulture with the RHS. He says, “As we at Hosta work in the amenity and urban green space industry, the first module - Amenity Horticulture has helped to consolidate my knowledge on the subject. In the Spring I will be looking at production in the industry on a global scale”.


City inspiration: New ‘fresh air squares’ installed in London

Londoners will be lucky enough to reap the benefits of the new ‘fresh air squares’ that are being created around the London Bridge area. These squares are brightly coloured pocket parks filled with plants and seating. They will be monitoring the improvement of air quality, and although only temporary will hopefully help people to recognise the importance of implementing small pockets of green space in cities.


Making space for Green

Horticulture Week has published its industry predictions for 2017 stating that the importance of green spaces will be increasingly understood, and will become more prominent in city development and regeneration in the UK. The trend to legislate green roofs continues across Europe, whilst the UK Governments SuDS policy has recently been criticised, stating that they need to be incorporated into every development.


‘When we moved in we were told not to walk on the grass’

Last week we braced the rain to plant our latest scheme at Meden Gardens in Bobbers Mill.

The design was driven by a desire to give residents a space to socialise, animate a large, under-utilised lawn, and ultimately allow the residents to enjoy their green space. Paths criss-cross the grass, opening up to a social seating area with shading provided by a pergola. To meet budget constraints we worked with the existing grass, adding in additional areas of wildflower turf and naturalistic planting, which will promote biodiversity within in the area, particularly connecting with the Green corridor provided by the River Leen.