A new law passed in March means all new buildings in commercial zones in France must have eco friendly roofs. The environmental legislation requires roofs to be partially covered with planting or with solar panels. This is a fantastic step in the right direction towards a sustainable future. 



Source: yesmagazine.org                                                                                                Source: greenroofs.com

 However this is not the first law of its kind, as both Switzerland and Toronto have both passed similar legislation.

Green rooftops are a brilliant way of retaining excess rainwater and preventing run off. Not only this, they encourage wildlife biodiversity, reduce energy usage and absorb pollution. These new rules will boost the levels of sustainability in the city, as well as reducing the urban heat island effect-providing cities in France with a cooler climate. 

Installing green roofs will help to decrease the environmental impact of construction, however the law came as a compromise following environmental activists push for roofs to be completely covered. Hopefully this news will start off a chain reaction among other countries in Europe, already started by Germany who are the current leaders with 10% green roof coverage of all their buildings. 

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