After a year in the making one of our recent landscape designs was showcased at the Pitcher & Piano
terrace bar and garden launch event last Thursday.



The mix of planters, borders and ivy screens that we designed perfectly complement the outdoor furniture, patio heating and gorgeous lighting in the garden. 

We were brought into the project after initial planning to assist clients Marstons PLC and Concorde BGW Group with preparation for planning permission for the proposed outdoor bar area . We encouraged the clients to incorporate de-paved borders and green screens into the terrace design along with planters to help create a true garden in the city.

CRljaBjXIAA5ROv.jpg   Screen_Shot_2015-10-22_at_16.09.54.png 

We are delighted that we were able to persuade the clients to take up paving to allow for more green space and retain the existing tree which is an important for the Lace market area. This creates more of a garden feel as apposed to an outdoor bar with planters in it. By doing so it provides more opportunity for people to sit amongst the plants and take a break from the city.

Creating more planted areas has helped to reduce localised flooding which is a problem in cities. The planting design was also carefully considered to encourage insects and in particular pollinators  such as bees that need as much help as possible at the moment. 

The greatest challenge of the project was to create planted areas without compromising on seating. This was achieved by adding ivy screens around the edge of the garden and low level border the planting so that the view across the city was not compromised.