Following suggestions from local residents, who wanted a community garden, an unloved space in a residential area
in St Ann’s has been transformed in a garden to grow fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.  Nottingham City Homes
and Hosta Consulting got together to turn this vision into a reality.




The garden is located on wasteland adjacent to the residents accommodation. The design includes raised beds for food growing, a composting area, a water butt, and an attractive wildflower meadow to encourage pollinators such as bees. It is hoped the project will help bring the community together and provide a safe, accessible open space for quiet recreation, skill sharing and gardening for everyone nearby.   

We hope to increase awareness of environmental issues by showing what can be done in a small plot. The garden will help increase biodiversity, encourage local food growing, and encourage residents to  spend time enjoying nature with all its associated health benefits at the same time as creating a great community space to enjoy in the heart of the Nottingham. 


The tenants, Local Councillors, Nottingham City Homes and Hosta teams got involved in planting up the borders on the opening morning, and are looking forward to introducing others from the local primary schools and community. The project was funded by Nottingham City Homes and designed and project managed by Hosta Consulting. BESTBuild UK constructed the garden. 

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