Truman Close, situated closely to Nottingham City Centre, is undergoing a landscape transformation solution.
The scheme will be long term and provide a more welcoming entrance to residents’ homes as well as the overall streetscape. 


After recognising our shared vision for enhancing outdoor spaces for tenants with Nottingham City Homes, we were successful in the tender process and awarded a four year contract within the four-year Decent Neighbourhoods Environmental Improvement Works Framework which delivers projects in the NCH community. We are fortunate to work alongside social enterprise Best Build UK to deliver our designs within the contract.

 We have been helping to improve and re-imagine spaces that provide opportunities for tenants to utilise them to their full potential. These green spaces are more sustainable, biodiverse and exciting for the community. We work with residents to include them in the design process from the outset. Following the success of the recent community garden project at Westminster Close, no time has been spared before getting works started on our next Decent Neighbourhoods project.

It has been a difficult site to develop because of the angled slopes, not to mention a big task for the BESTBuild team to implement! The challenging site has meant it has previously been overgrown with weeds and hard to manage. These obstacles have been overcome by reducing the angle of the slopes to allow for a wider range of planting and a timber wood scape retaining wall system to allow for the planting of trees. 

The scheme spreads across six banks, which will have low maintenance planting that provide year round greenery. The landscape will also feature a wildflower meadow, and host more prominent planting of newly created terraced beds and a green wall in the space closest to the main road. The trees have been chosen to be low growing so as not dominate the space, yet will compliment the whole close and provide seasonal interest for the residents and winter food for birds. 

 Construction works are planned to finish at the end of this month, for planting to begin early December; beautiful new gardens in time for Christmas!