This week was Global Entrepreneurship Week, and keen to be involved,
we took part in Nottingham Business School’s yearly Thinkubator Challenge. 

 Source: NTU Press Office

As Hosta is looking to grow the business, we thought it would be a great opportunity to get some help and ideas! For the Challenge, the University accepts forty problems from small businesses and in turn creates hubs of students and academics. Each hub is given one challenge and has three hours to find a solution to the problem!

We presented our growth challenge to the group of students, asking them to think up innovative ways in which we can develop as a company, as well as information about us, and let them get to work! When we returned to our challenge hub three hours later to see what they had come up with, we were really impressed with the ideas the team had developed! We will be using some of these ideas in our strategy moving forward and would like to say a big thanks to our Thinkubator Team and Nottingham Business School.

Also on the day we were invited to listen to some fantastic key note speakers about tackling issues frequently faced by SMEs, such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Marketing and Talent Management.