School Garden

 A thoughtfully designed outdoor landscape that provides opportunities for children at the nursery to manipulate, play, and learn.

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St. Mary's Place

St Mary's Carpark is a private car park owned by Bildurn Properties Ltd. Hosta Consulting worked with the client to design hard landscaping including drainage to the site and designed and installed soft landscaping to the 4 borders. We liaised with The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to design a planting plan that offered maximum opprtunity for wildlife including pollinators. We designed insect houses with sedum roofs that were installed into the borders. Essentially the car park is also a garden in the city that utilises rain run off, provides a wildlife corridor for biodiversity and is a place for people to enjoy. The Car Park won a Nottinghamshire wildlife Trust 'Green Guardians' award in 2013.

The planting is now established, provides interest seasonally and is maintained by the Hosta Consulting team.